We debuted our SUNY Cobleskill Online Basic Course on November 2, 2020!

Course Fee $180 which includes SUNY Administration Charge of $30

The goal of the Basic Course is to have natural fiber producers gain the knowledge to return to their farm and organize their fiber for production. Management, harvesting, sorting are the building blocks for the course. Included also is information on yarn production to familiarize the students with processing at artisan mills. Participants  will leave the online instruction with the tools they need to get their fiber out of storage and separated so they can maximize yield and minimize cost at their mill.  In addition, it will prepare them with the background knowledge necessary to continue into the Advanced Course and if desired Apprenticeship Program.

The Online Course will start with a ZOOM meeting for all participants to review how the online program is set up, what is expected, how to submit assignments, take exams, contact instructor, etc.  This ZOOM meeting is mandatory and will be held on the night before class starts.  Registered participants will receive a link and time for this meeting closer to the actual date.

All participants will receive a fiber sample packet in the mail after registration.  These samples will be utilized throughout the course for various assignments.  In addition, participants will be expected to provide their own fiber samples for certain areas of study.  It is important to notify Wini that you have or have not received the samples as well as the course online access name and password prior to the start of class!!

If you have any questions regarding this On Line Course, please contact Wini Labrecque at 724-272-4285 or

Deadline to register is two weeks prior to start of class to allow time to mail fiber samples to you!

We are currently reviewing the possibility of 1 or 2 live Basic Classes in 2024.  Check back to see if we have scheduled.

Registration can be made by following the Registration Link in the menu.