Apprenticeship Program

The Apprenticeship Program is designed for those who wish to pursue receiving their final Certification in Sorting/Grading/Classing.   Qualification for this program requires successful completion of both the Basic Course and Advanced Course.  You must commit to the Apprenticeship Program within 2 weeks of successful completion of the Advanced Program.  We encourage being prepared to sign up immediately upon finishing the Advanced Class so you maintain continuity.

Those enrolled in the Apprenticeship Program will be paired with a mentor to help in your journey to becoming a Master Sorter/Grader in Camelid Fiber.  The first portion of this program is a self guided study which requires hands on sorting of a minimum of 250 fleeces including huacaya alpaca, suri alpaca and a minimum of 4 breeds of sheep.  Additional livestock types can be included upon approval by your mentor.  Your mentor will work with you by reviewing your sorted samples and documentation along the way, giving phone support and feedback.

There is a 2 year period to complete this requirement at which time there is a final exam which requires submission of 40 samples with appropriate paperwork and a written essay type exam.

Fee for the Apprenticeship Program is $575.  This fee is non refundable.  SGC expects those who sign up for the Apprenticeship Program to be invested in the completion of this course to gain the designation of Master Sorter/Grader and are given 2 years to do so.

For those interested in following through with this program to full Certification will be able to sign up on sight immediately following successful completion of the Advanced 3 day course and exam.  We encourage your early commitment to completion of the program while you have the fundamentals fresh in your mind.

All designated Master Sorter/Graders will be required to take Refresher courses every 3 years to maintain their Master status.

The American Sheep Industry Association has a program in place for Master Classers in Wool.  We are not able to offer this title at this time.  Should you be interested in following up with your further education in Wool Classing, we recommend contacting the American Sheep Industry Association and inquire about their next classes, typically held in North Dakota.

  • American Sheep Industry Association
  • 9785 Maroon Circle
  • Suite 360
  • Englewood, CO 80112
  • 303-771-3500