The process of sorting and grading is the hands on evaluation and separation of fleece into like micron ranges as well as creating uniform batches of fiber within those grades relating to color, length and contamination.

Wool, alpaca and other protein based natural fibers have been categorized and allocated to batch lots of uniformity for many years. The process has been utilized to ensure quality in end products by putting into use large quantities of fiber that meet similar characteristics both in fineness and structure. Standards have been in place , developed over the course of time by manufacturers, processors as well as growers that reflect the best end requirements for specific product development and production. These standards are used as a stepping stone towards continuing innovation and improvement not only in final products but in husbandry, livestock quality, practicality of use and economical benefit to the grower.

SGC has brought you these classes to help you understand standardization and the affect on quality in end product. You can take only the Basic Class to give you insight on your own farm or ranch fiber production. Our Advanced Class gives you a more in depth fiber study and hands on practice. For those wishing to sort and grade for others, we offer the Apprenticeship Program giving you mentorship and guidance in how to help others get the best from their fiber harvest. Each of these Classes builds on the previous one and requires successful completion to continue.

We have brought these classes to you with an Online option during this period of transition. We have also incorporated Zoom classrooms to aid in our teaching/lecture/interactive process.

More detailed class descriptions can be found through the menu links. A list of current, active Master Sorters/Graders and other information we feel is important to you will be added soon. In the meantime if you have questions regarding SGC classes, please contact Wini Labrecque at 724-272-4285 or by email at

Thank you!!